Haul Roads

Tailored haul road design and dust control solutions

Dust-A-Side Australia specialises in providing comprehensive haul road management services, which include site-specific dust control and process management solutions to eliminate dust as a hazard on mine sites.

Our cutting-edge services and binder products empower clients to maximise returns from their road networks and tackle challenges such as maintenance and operating costs, productivity, as well as health and environmental impacts.

Key haul roads challenges for mines

High Maintenance and Operating Costs

Haul road networks require significant expenditure. Routine maintenance tasks like pothole repairs and re-sheeting roads often exceed budgets. Re-sheeting, especially, is a costly expense. Most mine haul roads have a wearing course of at least 200mm to 500mm in depth, which needs total re-sheeting every one to three years due to deterioration.

Haul roads also present a litany of ongoing operating costs including fuel, graders and truck tyres. The use of water carts to suppress dust on haul roads also significantly increases costs. For example – based on a network of 20 km of roads at approximately 10 m wide, water cart operating costs (for both cart and operator) could total well over $1 million per annum.

Reduced Productivity in the Wet Season

Excessive rain in the wet season often leads to haulage operations being halted due to poor visibility and muddy conditions. Downtime due to inclement weather can quickly erode yearly profits. To mitigate these challenges, mines need to be resourceful and operate more efficiently during adverse weather conditions.

Environmental and Health Impacts

The largest source of PM10 dust from coal mining activities is haul trucks travelling on unpaved roads (40%). A reduction in wheel generated dust on haul roads helps mines to support the environmental sustainability of the operation and lessen any adverse health impacts upon both workers and the surrounding environment.

Our targeted solutions for haul roads


Bitumen Emulsion

Dust-A-Side Australia’s flagship product – DAS Product – is an emulsion of bitumen in water which can be incorporated into the wearing course layer of haul roads or applied as a spray-on treatment.

Bitumen has waterproofing and binding properties, so when DAS Product is used on haul roads, the wearing course material becomes ‘glued’ together. Water does not permeate through this layer or into the base layers beneath, resulting in significantly less deterioration.

In turn, this means that the wearing course layer design can be at least 50% thinner. This is no longer a sacrificial layer that needs to be regularly re-sheeted, but instead a permanent asset that will survive the life of the haul road, provided it is maintained correctly.

Overall, the end result of using DAS Product is a more robust haul road network that exhibits less deterioration and significantly reduced maintenance costs. A smoother running surface also means tyre life is extended and fuel consumption is reduced.

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Road Stabilisation and Haul Road Design

Stabilised roads, especially those sealed with a bitumen emulsion such as DAS Product, dry much faster after wet weather compared to unsealed roads. Shedding surface water instead of pooling or absorption leads to quicker recovery times and allows work to resume sooner.

However, it’s important to note that products alone are not a magic solution. The fundamentals of good road construction and routine maintenance must be incorporated in order to reduce downtime as much as possible.

Dust-A-Side Australia are experts in designing superior quality haul roads as well as working with clients to develop robust maintenance schedules.

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Dust Binders

Studies have shown that the best practice for dealing with PM10 dust from haul roads is the application of dust suppressants, rather than spraying untreated water onto the running surface.

In addition to DAS Product, which has dust-binding properties, Dust-A-Side Australia has developed a range of dust control binders including polymer-based emulsions, organic binders, surfactants, and blended products. These can be sprayed onto haul road surfaces using water carts and they require significantly less frequent reapplication each shift compared to untreated water.

Our range of binders has been proven to reduce wheel-generated dust by up to 90%. This helps to support the environmental sustainability of mining operations and lessen any adverse health impacts on both workers and surrounding communities.

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Dust-A-Side packages

We’re flexible with how we deliver our services and products. Choose the right delivery package that best fits your scope of work and how your site operates. 

Full Service

In addition to having a full time project supervisor on site, Dust-A-Side can also supply clients with required assets and personnel such as trucks, water carts, graders, suppression equipment and operators. Telemetry, consulting, project management and reporting are available with a Full Service package.

Managed Service

A full time project supervisor from Dust-A-Side will attend site to oversee the delivery and implementation of all dust control solutions, utilising the clients existing assets (e.g. water carts). The project supervisor will provide further support through telemetry, consulting, project management and reporting in order to help clients achieve the most efficient and cost effective outcomes possible

Remote Supervision

One of our project supervisors can visit your site at agreed upon times in order to provide telemetry, consulting and reporting. We’ll evaluate the effectiveness of the solutions and products we’ve provided and make recommendations to improve efficiency.

Supply Only

Binder products can be supplied in bulk or via intermediate bulk containers. Dust-A-Side will advise clients on how much of the product to apply and how often. Clients then apply the products using their own equipment.


Dust control equipment such as fog cannons can be rented as required and clients can manage the operation of the equipment.