Dust control, road management and erosion control systems for every industry & application

Site-specific solutions have been successfully delivered across a broad range of industries. The following are just some of the many industries that have benefited greatly from our experience, knowledge and advice coupled with our superior products:

  • Mining
  • Construction Sites
  • Gas
  • Ports
  • Rail
  • Quarries
  • Civil
  • Infrastructure/Engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Transport Yards
  • And more.

If you have a dust control issue, or require a solution to any problem concerning instability or erosion on haulroads, access roads, stockpiles, yards, broad-acre sites, or materials handling sites, just follow the lead set by these companies and call Dust-A-Side Australia.

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Our Case Studies

Case Study # 1

DAS Product takes dust suppression to new levels.

Dust-A-Side Australia’s DAS Product proved invaluable for a major coal producer* who needed to quell the dust on their haulroads at one of Australia’s busiest open cut coal mines*. (*Names withheld to preserve our client’s privacy) The DAS Product was supplied and applied as a spray-on treatment and the results were remarkable in terms of reduced dust, water usage, plant operating costs and tyre damage, as well as a host of other benefits. Read more >>

Case Study # 2

Nothing binds or suppresses dust as well as HydroTac.

HydroTac is used as a surface treatment on haulroads, access roads and other exposed surfaces at a mine in South Australia. As well as product, Dust-A-Side also provides our client with the following as part of our holistic management approach. Read more >>

Case Study # 3

AquaTarp has fine dust problems covered.

In this case, AquaTarp was specified for ground stabilisation of a hardstand area being used for defensive driving. Dust-A-Side undertook the following process. Read more >>

Case Study # 4

HydroTac solves EPA problem

HydroTac is used as a dust control product at multiple recycling yards belonging to a single client across Queensland. Our client had received complaints via local councils and Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) about dust emissions emanating from their yards. In addition, mud was being dragged from their yards onto adjacent public roads as a result of over-watering for dust suppression purposes. Read more >>