Reduce water and wind erosion with our binder products

The extraction, handling and processing of quarry materials such as crushed rock, asphalt, aggregate, and concrete are closely associated with the generation of significant amounts of dust. It’s imperative that quarries keep this dust from spreading out beyond the operation site. 

Dust-A-Side Australia specialises in innovative dust control solutions which can be tailored to suit quarry mine sites. We focus on effective quarry dust suppression which directly targets the source, ensuring both environmental stewardship and the health safety of workers and nearby communities.

Key dust control challenges facing quarry operations

Quarry activities generate microscopic silica dust particles, which pose significant health risks and environmental challenges. These challenges are compounded by wind and rain, which both contribute to the dispersal of dust particles. Wind can lift and carry dust over large distances, affecting air quality both on-site and in surrounding areas. Rain, while temporarily reducing airborne dust, can cause erosion and create muddy conditions that, once dried, can lead to further dust generation. This continuous cycle of dust becoming airborne and spreading around necessitates effective dust control measures to protect workers, nearby communities, and the environment.

Effective dust suppression is crucial to maintaining a safe work environment and complying with regulatory standards. Dust-A-Side Australia provides comprehensive dust control solutions tailored to address these issues.

Our expertise in developing effective dust mitigation strategies combines advanced products and technologies, sustainable practices, and ongoing maintenance.

Our targeted solutions for civil construction

Our dust control solutions include a range of products and systems specifically designed for quarry environments. These solutions effectively suppress dust, improve air quality, and reduce environmental impact. We offer products like fog cannons, AquaTarp, DAS Product (bituminous emulsion), and HydroTac.

Fog Cannons

Our high-pressure mist systems use powerful pumps and fine nozzles to create a dense fog capable of capturing PM10 and smaller dust particles. This technology efficiently suppresses dust even at considerable distances from the emission point, ensuring cleaner air and compliance with environmental standards.

These dust suppression systems are ideal for a variety of applications, including use in quarries, crushing equipment, near material discharge areas on conveyor belts, truck loading and unloading zones, and hoppers.

Strategically placed mist-spraying equipment near material drop points and unloading areas ensures thorough suppression of dust, not only at the source but also in adjacent service areas affected by air currents. Their portability and ease of setup make them ideal for rapidly addressing visible dust issues.

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Perfect for quarry sites, AquaTarp offers a robust barrier against environmental pollutants, maintaining air quality and supporting sustainable practices. This solvent-free water and surfactant-based latex polymer emulsion forms a durable crust that seals the surface, preventing dust emission and reducing sediment runoff.

Learn more about AquaTarp


DAS Product: Bituminous Emulsion

Ideally suited for long-term projects at large quarry mine sites, DAS Product is a bituminous emulsion that suppresses airborne and fugitive dust effectively. This formulation provides exceptional binding and sealing properties, enhancing the robustness of treated surfaces and preventing the dispersion of dust particles.

It is an extremely reliable solution for dust control, particularly adept at treating and maintaining haul roads, secondary roadways, hardstands, and laydown areas.

Learn more about DAS Product


HydroTac is a cutting-edge, biodegradable binder designed for optimal dust control at large quarry and mine sites. As an environmentally friendly solution, HydroTac is ideal for treating haul roads, access roads, and other exposed surfaces where airborne and fugitive dust is a concern.

This lignosulphonate-based product works effectively as a hygroscopic crusting agent, binding dust particles together and significantly reducing the need for frequent water applications. Utilising HydroTac in your dust control strategy can lead to a reduction of up to 80% in water cart operating hours. This not only minimises road maintenance and the regular replenishment of surface materials but also decreases the risk of vehicle accidents due to overwatering.

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Fog Cannons

Fog cannons are portable dust suppression units which disperse a fine mist over large distances and areas.

DAS Product

The ultimate bitumen emulsion product for dust control and road stabilisation.


An organic lignosulphonate-based road binder offering superior dust control results.


AquaTarp is a spray-on, solvent-free water and surfactant-based emulsion of latex polymer.

Key benefits

  • Operational dust reductions of 90%
  • Reduction in water cart operating hours
  • Improved wet-weather trafficability and fewer washouts
  • Safer roads due to improved visibility and less water
  • Extensive dust suppression coverage
  • Easy installation and portable equipment
  • Eco-friendly binder products
  • Reduced sediment run-off and surface erosion

Dust-A-Side packages

We’re flexible with how we deliver our services and products. Choose the right delivery package that best fits your scope of work and how your site operates. 

Full Service

In addition to having a full time project supervisor on site, Dust-A-Side can also supply clients with required assets and personnel such as trucks, water carts, graders, suppression equipment and operators. Telemetry, consulting, project management and reporting are available with a Full Service package.

Managed Service

A full time project supervisor from Dust-A-Side will attend site to oversee the delivery and implementation of all dust control solutions, utilising the clients existing assets (e.g. water carts). The project supervisor will provide further support through telemetry, consulting, project management and reporting in order to help clients achieve the most efficient and cost effective outcomes possible

Remote Supervision

One of our project supervisors can visit your site at agreed upon times in order to provide telemetry, consulting and reporting. We’ll evaluate the effectiveness of the solutions and products we’ve provided and make recommendations to improve efficiency.

Supply Only

Binder products can be supplied in bulk or via intermediate bulk containers. Dust-A-Side will advise clients on how much of the product to apply and how often. Clients then apply the products using their own equipment.


Dust control equipment such as fog cannons can be rented as required and clients can manage the operation of the equipment.

Product range

We are proud to present an array of practical and innovative solutions for the civil construction industry.

Backed by Experience

With decades of research and refinement to rely on, Dust-A-Side Australia has everything it takes to provide quantifiable results on every level.

Innovative Formulations

Our binder products include bitumen and polymer based emulsions, as well as organic binders, surfactant technologies and a range of blended products.

Committed to Sustainability

Our goal is to achieve Zero Harm and enhance environmental sustainability. Dust-A-Side binders are biodegradable and help to lower water consumption.

Continued Support

Our technical team will always be on hand to help ensure the success of your dust control strategy.

Contact us

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