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5 Common Haul Road Challenges
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Dust-A-Side’s Value Add:

A safer working environment | Effective dust suppression | > 90% Water Savings | Reduced rolling resistance | Decreased diesel consumption | Increased tyre life | Improved hauling cycle time | Reduction of HME repairs and maintenance budget | No recapping required | Reduced production downtime after rain | No investment in road maintenance equipment | Increased productivity

Our 3 Areas of expertise:

1. Dust Control

Dust-A-Side Australia provides a one-stop shop for dust suppression and dust management; delivering the most operationally sound and cost effective solutions across your entire site.

2. Road Management

Dust-A-Side Australia’s experience and expertise gives us a real edge in this field. Our unique holistic management system refined since 1973 has been proven to yield the most productive haul roads at the lowest life-cycle cost.

3. Erosion Control

Dust-A-Side Australia offer you a complete range of erosion control products designed to meet the needs of all your projects – either on a short-term or long-term basis.

Australia’s dust control, road management and erosion control specialists


Welcome to Dust-A-Side Australia, one of the world’s most successful suppliers of dust control solutions and dust suppression products with sustained success since 1973.

We also are Australia’s industry leaders in the fields of road management for heavy haul roads and erosion control solutions.

Our extensive range of proven products and services is designed to make workplaces safer and healthier for workers, more productive and efficient for our clients, more cost-effective and more environmentally sustainable.

Operating globally for over three decades, we are currently based at more than 70 sites across four continents – Australia, Africa, North America and South America – offering our incomparable services to a wide range of industries, from mining and gas to ports and rail.

Dust-A-Side are global leaders in total dust control management

At a glance – our expertise around the world:

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