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AquaTarp Solves Dust and Topsoil Run Off Issues 

This interesting video shows you precisely how effective AquaTarp is at quickly and easily forming a wind and rain-resistant crust. From initial application to conclusive proof, see it in action now.


Dust Suppression Systems – Before and After

This amazing problem/solution video shows you exactly how effective our cutting edge Dust Suppression Systems really are. You won’t believe how well the dust misting system works.


Incredible Impact of Water on Haul Road Tyres

Seeing is believing. Around 80% of earthmover tyres fail before they wear out. As you will see in this remarkable demonstration video, the impact that water has on tyre wear is staggering.


HydroTac Contains Fugitive Dust on In-Pit Haul Roads

As you’ll see in this dash cam footage, HydroTac acts as a binding agent to effectively bind surface particles together on an active in-pit road.


Product Factsheets / Case Studies: