HSEQ & Corporate Responsibility

We’re dedicated to creating safer working environments and improving sustainability outcomes for our clients

Committed to quality

As a leading provider of haul road and dust control management services, Dust-A-Side excels at delivering measured and tangible results.

We strive to ensure that our employees operate in a safe, healthy and respectful workplace. We are also further committed to managing and minimising our impact on the environment. Our demonstrated dust control savings and efficiencies include:

  • Operational dust reductions of 90%+
  • Water savings of 95%+
  • Safer roads due to improved visibility and running surfaces
  • Substantial cost savings and efficiencies due to the reduced need for water carts

Health, safety, environmental and quality management

Dust-A-Side Australia is proud to be independently certified for Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (HSEQ) management under the scope of Haul Road and Dust Control Management services. Under this certification, we are committed to preserving the environment that we work and live in.

Furthermore, our goal is to achieve Zero Harm in health and safety. We strongly believe that all injuries and property damage are preventable and that caring for our people and the environment in which we operate is an integral and vital part of doing business. As such, we are dedicated to:

  • Incorporating HSEQ management into all phases and aspects of our operations.
  • Ensuring all employees and subcontractors are inducted and made aware of both onsite and offsite HSEQ requirements through effective communication and training systems.
  • Conducting regular inspections and audits of operational activities to ensure HSEQ performance and compliance.

Our HSEQ certifications

Our corporate and social responsibility

Dust-A-Side Australia believes that Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of doing business, whereby the interests of all stakeholders including investors, customers, employees, the community and the environment are reflected in the actions and policies of our company.

As part of our commitment to practising the highest standard of CSR, we work to ensure that our customers and our employees are able to work together in confidence and treat each other equally and with respect at all times. Our Mission Statement and Core Values reflect our promise to provide world class Haul Road and Dust Control Management solutions in a safe, healthy and sustainable environment.

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