Dust control for every application and industry

Backed by decades of experience

Since 1973, we’ve learnt a lot about controlling dust.

We have an ongoing record delivering major cost reductions, making workplaces safer and healthier for workers, increasing productivity and improving sustainability outcomes for the local environment.

We offer a range of services from rental and product supply to full services management where we do it all: product, plant, assets, personnel, process and performance.

If you have a dust control issue, or require a solution to any problem concerning instability or erosion on haul roads, get in touch with Dust-A-Side Australia.

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Industries and applications

Dust-A-Side Australia provides world leading dust control and road management services for the following industries and applications.

Haul Roads

Service & Light Vehicle Roads

Civil & Construction

Laydown & Yard Areas

Processing & Material Handling

Erosion Control

Renewable Energy

Farming & Agriculture

Water Management

Oil & Gas

Port & Rails


Dust-A-Side is Australia’s leading company in providing complete and integrated dust control management solutions.

The products and services we supply have been proven to increase productivity and safety, unlock cost efficiencies for your operation and benefit the environment. Our aim is to always find and help you implement the most operationally sound and cost-effective solutions across your entire site, regardless of the size of your scope or the industry you operate in.

If you have a dust control issue, or require a solution to any problem concerning instability or erosion on haul roads, get in touch with Dust-A-Side Australia.

Dust-A-Side packages

We’re flexible with how we deliver our services and products. Choose the right delivery package that best fits your scope of work and how your site operates. 

Full Service

In addition to having a full time project supervisor on site, Dust-A-Side can also supply clients with required assets and personnel such as trucks, water carts, graders, suppression equipment and operators. Telemetry, consulting, project management and reporting are available with a Full Service package.

Managed Service

A full time project supervisor from Dust-A-Side will attend site to oversee the delivery and implementation of all dust control solutions, utilising the clients existing assets (e.g. water carts). The project supervisor will provide further support through telemetry, consulting, project management and reporting in order to help clients achieve the most efficient and cost effective outcomes possible

Remote Supervision

One of our project supervisors can visit your site at agreed upon times in order to provide telemetry, consulting and reporting. We’ll evaluate the effectiveness of the solutions and products we’ve provided and make recommendations to improve efficiency.

Supply Only

Binder products can be supplied in bulk or via intermediate bulk containers. Dust-A-Side will advise clients on how much of the product to apply and how often. Clients then apply the products using their own equipment.


Dust control equipment such as fog cannons can be rented as required and clients can manage the operation of the equipment.

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Product range

We are proud to present an array of practical and innovative solutions.

Backed by Experience

With decades of research and refinement to rely on, Dust-A-Side Australia has everything it takes to provide quantifiable results on every level.

Innovative Formulations

Our binder products include bitumen and polymer based emulsions, as well as organic binders, surfactant technologies and a range of blended products.

Committed to Sustainability

Our goal is to achieve Zero Harm and enhance environmental sustainability. Dust-A-Side binders are biodegradable and help to lower water consumption.

Continued Support

Our technical team will always be on hand to help ensure the success of your dust control strategy.

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