Dust Suppression, road management and Erosion Control

Australia’s most effective Dust Suppression, road management and Erosion Control Products.

Decades of research and refinement to rely on

Dust-A-Side Australia has everything it takes – the experience, the personnel and in particular the products – to provide quantifiable results on every level.

We have a complete range of dust suppression products to provide the most operationally and cost effective solution across any operation.

They can be used – effectively and economically – in a wide range of applications such as semi-permanent roads, temporary roads, underground work areas, laydown facilities, exposed areas, stockpile/ embankment areas, veneering and construction areas.

Our products include bitumen and polymer based emulsions, as well as organic binders, surfactant technologies and a range of blended products. Each product is designed and developed to perform a specific task and can be applied in different ways to achieve your desired outcomes.

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