Fog Cannons for Dust Suppression

Dust, if not managed effectively, can reduce productivity, have a serious impact on operational costs, damage the environment and cause harm to the safety of workers and surrounding communities.

Fog cannons (sometimes known as mist cannons) are an effective option for dust suppression in mine sites, quarries, construction sites, demolition sites and other industrial areas. This is because they can be easily setup, are portable and are ideal for tackling visible dust.

As industry leaders in dust control, Dust-A-Side is committed to delivering the most operationally sound and cost effective solutions. Included in our suite of dust control solutions are our range of fog cannons.

How fog cannons work

A fog cannon pumps highly pressurised water through a series of jet nozzles, turning the water into mist through atomisation. This fine mist is dispersed through the air by a powerful fan. When airborne dust particles hit the mist, the particles are captured and the water dissipates before ever having the chance to spread.

Dust-A-Side fog cannons can be strategically placed near sources of dust, such as tip areas, roads or loading areas, to achieve effective dust suppression.  They can be auto-activated by remote control centres, radar sensor, weather sensors or by means of remote activation (e.g. for blasting operations). The amount of water being used by the cannons can also be fully controlled in order to optimise water consumption.

Fog cannons are typically set up on skids or a trailer for ease of mobility. They can also be self-powered through inclusion of an in-built diesel generator. Dust-A-Side proudly supplies cannons in a variety of sizes, with different throw ranges that can be either fixed or oscillating. Multiples fans can also be interlinked on larger sites for ease of operation and control.

The performance of our fog cannons can be further improved by adding a Dust-A-Side surfactant product like HydroWet. Hydrowet actively lowers the surface tension of water particles and makes it easier for the water and dust particles to agglomerate, particularly when managing hydrophobic materials such as coal and other fine ores.

Dust-A-Side personnel will assist with the optimum fog cannon design for your needs. We can also provide a turnkey setup and on-going maintenance package to meet your individual project requirements.

Fog cannon applications

Our fog cannons can be used to suppress dust in areas where wind plays a major role. They are commonly used in mine sites, quarries, construction sites, demolition sites and other industrial areas.

As Dust-A-Side fog cannons are completely mobile, they can be easily moved to cover different areas. They allow for better coverage of water, specifically when treating dust generation points where there are no structures in place and when fewer options are available to install static nozzle manifold arrangements.

The importance of water droplet size

The key to the success of a fog cannon is not just about how much water can be blasted from the cannon or how far the water can reach.

The spray nozzles need to be strategically selected so the correct sized water droplets are released into the air, dependant on the individual operating conditions.

As you can see from the diagram below, larger water droplets displace more air, allowing the fast-moving airborne dust particles to simply flow around them. Whereas if the droplets are too light, the water will merely vaporise.

The right sized droplets will effectively bind to the dust and supress it. When the droplets are of equivalent size, there’s no getting around it; they collide, combine and fall to the ground assisted by gravity.

Key benefits of using Dust-A-Side fog cannons

  • Very effective at supressing airborne dust
  • Significant reduction in water usage compared to low pressure watering systems
  • Ensures coverage of large areas
  • Easy to install and position
  • No harsh chemicals are released into the environment

Want to learn more about using Dust-A-Side fog cannons to suppress dust at your site?

Our industry leading team have an expert understanding of how to strategically calibrate and position fog cannons throughout any type of site.

For more information on our range of fog cannons, as well as hire or purchase options available contact Dust-A-Side today. We’ll happily supply you with an obligation-free report to design a dust control system tailored specifically to your needs.

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A full range of proven solutions

With well over 30 years of global research and refinement to rely on, Dust-A-Side has everything it takes – the experience, the personnel and in particular the products – to provide quantifiable results on every level.

Dust-A-Side have a complete range of dust suppression products to provide the most operationally and cost effective solution across any operation.

They can be used – effectively and economically – in a wide range of applications such as semi-permanent roads, temporary roads, underground work areas, laydown facilities, exposed areas, stockpile/ embankment areas, veneering and construction areas.

Our products include bitumen and polymer based emulsions, as well as organic binders, surfactant technologies and a range of blended products. Each product is designed and developed to perform a specific task and can be applied in different ways to achieve your desired outcomes.

For more information about any of our proven products, simply call us on 1800 662 387.

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