FAQs about Dust Control, Road Management and Erosion Control.

Does Dust-A-Side Australia deal exclusively with dust control?

No. Although we provide a full range of dust control products and services to enable TOTAL DUST CONTROL MANAGEMENT across any operation, we are also equally versed in haulroad management and management, as well as erosion control.

Isn’t water a better option for dust control because it’s free?

Not necessarily. What about all the hidden operational costs, such as water carts and water pumping? Plus our products help to reduce maintenance costs by reducing loss of material fines and washouts that lead to potholing and rutting of the surface. They also help to improve road safety, tyre life, equipment maintenance and fuel burn rates. Therefore, it is important to take all of these factors into account when making a decision.

Isn’t all dust suppression the same?

Hardly. There is no one-size-fits all solution to dust control. Every operation and even different areas of an operation may require different products that can be applied in many different ways. Dust-A-Side have extensively tested and refined all our products over three decades and by providing a complete management service we have the experience and skills to ensure that you get the best results for your operation.

Are Dust-A-Side products safe?

All of our products are classified as non-dangerous to people and the environment. Current Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) are available for all of our products from the website. These outline any controls that are recommended when handling or using any of our products in order to minimise any risks.

What dilution do you normally apply the products at?

The dilution and application rate of each product is dependent upon a number of factors, such as material type, whether you are initially establishing the product or applying a maintenance coat, ambient weather conditions, etc. As part of our service we will develop a recommended application process and schedule specific to your operation.

This is based upon our hundreds of years of combined project experience and can also sometimes include site inspections, laboratory testing and field trials. Our trained and experienced professionals will work alongside you every step of the way to ensure that your staff applies the product correctly or we can apply it using our own equipment and personnel.

How are products sprayed?

All of our products are usually diluted before being applied. Typically, this is done through a watercart, although for special projects and small areas we can use hand sprayers or fog cannons.

How much water will I save?

Depending upon your objectives we will recommend a particular product and application methodology to achieve your needs. Products such as Hydrowet will typically reduce water usage by around 40% whereas the Dust-A-Side Haulroad Management System that utilises DAS Product can achieve results of 95% compared with just using water alone for dust control.

After applying products onto roads how long do I have to wait to use the surface?

Most products can be driven on immediately after application. In fact, this can often help to improve the binding and compaction of the road surface. We will always work with you to develop an application strategy that minimises any disruption to your normal operating practices.

Why do you recommend the use of sweepers on haulroads when using DAS Product?

The use of sweepers helps to control fugitive dust and contamination that can be carried onto the bitumen sealed surface during normal everyday operations. If this is not controlled then it will begin to create dust and will also act as grinding material when vehicles drive on it; wearing the surface seal.

Furthermore, by keeping the road surface clean it means that on-going maintenance applications of product actually bind to the existing product in the road and not to loose material that will just pick up. Over time, this helps to improve the quality of the haulroad and reduce on-going product use for maintenance of the haulroad.

Whilst the use of sweepers is not mandatory we have found that it yields the lowest life-cycle cost for haulroads.

Can your products be used for dust control underground?

Yes. As with all operations we like to undertake a site assessment and review of your needs before recommending the best solution. However, we have extensive experience with haulroad management and dust control at underground coal and hard rock mining operations.

Is there anything I can do when building a new road to improve the end result?

Yes. Our engineers will work with you to discuss your road design and how the incorporation of our products during the initial construction phase can help to reduce your capital costs and provide you with a better road that costs less to maintain from Day 1.

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