Nothing binds or suppresses dust as well as HydroTac.

HydroTac is used as a surface treatment on haulroads, access roads and other exposed surfaces at a mine in South Australia.

As well as product, Dust-A-Side also provides our client with the following as part of our holistic management approach:

  • Operator training to optimise the application of product.
  • Awareness training for operators, supervisors and managers to ensure maximum value is derived from use of the product.
  • On-going technical support and troubleshooting to provide long-term value.
  • Bulk product delivery via our in-house transportation partners – delivering product to site in dedicated Hydrotac B-Double trailers that optimise cost efficiency.
  • Bulk storage tank facility, complete with automated dosage pump and telemetry system for optimising the storage of Hydrotac on-site, loading of the watercarts and live reporting of stock levels and historical usage.

Client has experienced:

Dust Reductions

  • Ongoing compliance with Environmental License
  • Fewer complaints from surrounding landowners/ communities
  • Safer hauling conditions due to improved visibility
  • A healthier working environment for workers

Water Savings

  • Reduction in total site water usage for dust suppression of over 50%
  • Reduction in watercart operating costs