AquaTarp has fine dust problems covered.

In this case, AquaTarp was specified for ground stabilisation of a hardstand area being used for defensive driving.

Dust-A-Side undertook the following process:

  • Surface was ripped with a grader to a depth of 75mm.
  • AquaTarp was applied to the surface at the recommended dilution rate via watercart.
  • The surface was compacted with a roller.
  • A final seal spray of diluted AquaTarp was applied onto the compacted surface to seal all of the voids.


  • Stabilised surface withstands the application of emergency brakes without any dust being emitted, or the surface seal damaged.
  • The stabilised surface has lasted over 3 months without any maintenance spray application.
  • Water usage for dust control purposes has been significantly reduced as no water has been required since the surface was stabilised.