DAS Product takes dust suppression to new levels.

Dust-A-Side Australia’s DAS Product proved invaluable for a major coal producer* who needed to quell the dust on their haulroads at one of Australia’s busiest open cut coal mines*. (*Names withheld to preserve our client’s privacy)

The DAS Product was supplied and applied as a spray-on treatment and the results were remarkable in terms of reduced dust, water usage, plant operating costs and tyre damage, as well as a host of other benefits.


  • Static dust monitors placed beside the haulroad revealed a reduction in average dust levels from 0.121mg/m3 to 0.006mg/m3 over the course of the evaluation period.
  • 85% of mine’s personnel surveyed also noted a significant reduction in the dust levels on the haulroad.


  • 613ML of water was used to suppress dust at the mine in the 12-months prior to the evaluation period – equating to 70 litres per m2 per month on the haulroads.
  • By applying DAS Product, water usage was reduced to an equivalent 14.6 litres per m2 per month on the haulroads – a reduction of 79%.
  • Furthermore, this translates into a significant reduction in water infrastrucuture costs, reduced likelihood of uncontrolled heavy vehicle movements, and reduced washout of fines and erosion of the haulroad wearing course – both of which contribute to increased haulroad maintenance.


  • The cost of graders and watercarts used to maintain the haulroad and suppress dust in the 12-months prior to the evaluation period equated to $1.06 per m2 per month.
  • Thanks to DAS Product, the monthly maintenance cost reduced to $0.89 per m2 per month – a saving of $0.17 per m2 per month or 15%.


  • Faster recovery times after wet-weather; potentially cutting production downtime in half.
  • Reduced likelihood of tyre damage, due to the use of a road sweeper to maintain a clean running surface and reduce the presence of spillage.
  • Improved road conditions that will benefit safety and production, including the binding ability of the product, good traction properties and reduced road roughness.

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