HydroTac solves EPA problem

HydroTac is used as a dust control product at multiple recycling yards belonging to a single client across Queensland.


Our client had received complaints via local councils and Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) about dust emissions emanating from their yards. In addition, mud was being dragged from their yards onto adjacent public roads as a result of over-watering for dust suppression purposes.


HydroTac is used as an effective additive to their watercarts to bind surface material together and suppress fine dust particles. It is applied via a series of light dilutions as part of their normal watering process.

HydroTac binds fine material together so that it can now be trafficked without producing excessive dust.

As well as reducing the total volume of water sprayed onto the yards, spraying is now less frequent.

The yard surfaces are less muddy, and dragging mud onto the adjacent public roads is no longer a cause for concern.

“The bull dust in the yards is now driveable without creating a dust problem”.

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