Our 3-Stage Process

Dust-A-Side Australia is the only Australian company that provides a complete range of dust control, road management and erosion control products and services truly capable of achieving unprecedented results across any operation.

Here is how the process works..

Stage 1: Your Needs Analysis

First, we identify your needs by conducting a thorough site assessment.

This can involve subsequent site-specific lab testing – in a NATA-accredited laboratory – and encompasses things such as soil and water analysis, product-mix designs, failure tests, wind tunnel simulation and more.

We then present you with a tailored engineering solution complete with specific project costs, features and benefits.

Stage 2: Implementation

This involves the timely manufacturing and supply of products.

We have an in-house bulk transport capability to optimise costs and efficiency of product delivery to remote sites.

As part of a turnkey solution, we can provide all (or some) plant and equipment – plus personnel – as well as complete or partial systems to ensure quality outcomes. (For example, complete Safety Management Plans for full-service operations or just Safe Operating Procedures on how to apply product in accordance with best practice.)

We can also supply training for your team members to ensure effective implementation of systems and on-going success.

Stage 3: Monitoring and Reporting

This is positive proof of the effectiveness of Dust-A-Side Australia’s products and systems. Our team of engineering and technical experts provide continual monitoring to ensure that all performance targets are being met and the on-going management program is optimised. Includes use of technologies such as:

  • Mobile dust monitoring – to provide ‘live’ comparisons of wheel generated dust on treated and untreated sections of road, as well as static monitoring in close proximity to dust sources
  • DASMetrics – a live internet-based software system that provides a visualisation of the road network, allowing users to record defects, schedule remediation works and identify the true value of an improved haulroad
  • Telemetry – live online access to product stock levels and historical usage, as well as the ability to create automated reports and alarms


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